Topic: Dual Mono Level discrepancy

Hello All,

I work for a Post Production Studio who regularly records multiple actors together. SLP has been a great help with it's Dual Mono setup so we haven't had to juggle multiple windows/logins.

However with testing on actors we have noticed a significant change in volume with actors, when they are connected in between mono mode, or Dual Mono. From volume adjustments the discrepancy feels like it can be almost as much as 5-10dB.

Based on working with other platforms like Source Connect Now, SLP is consistent with SCN in terms of volume when running in a mono setup. However in Dual Mono it seems to be treating the actors as if they are sending us a summed L/R mono file and boosting the level when coming in on our Dual Mono configuration. That is just speculation of course, i'd think the difference would have been only 3dB that way, but i could be wrong there.

We work in animation so the Actors can bring in quite a lot of dynamic range to their performances, and with the boosted volume we end up hitting a ceiling and distorting much earlier then their inputs should be.

We are then required to bring their input level down, then we get complaints from actors being unable to hear themselves. Sometimes bringing it as low as we can and still getting overdriven through the boost during big moments.

We have been working through this fine, but i wanted to bring it to attention as i haven't seen it noted elsewhere. It would be great if we had more consistency when working in different modes. Thanks!