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Good day.

I have been havinbg trouble with connecting to a link provided to me by my employeer. I enter the session, I stay connected for a couple of seconds, where I can't hear the director, then I get disconnected.

I performed a Network Test, and I received this results: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10mmBw2 … sp=sharing

I am working on a recently formatted Windows 10 OS. I tried changing the firewall from Windows with Avast Pro Firewall, and it didn't work.

I also updated the OS. Reinstalled the ethernet adapter (motherboard Asrock a320M-HDV R4.0) Nothing seems to work.

I hope someone in the forum can help me. Thanks in advance


Re: Received link: Connection Failed - SessionLinkPro Dubbing


Looking at your screenshot this will almost certainly be caused by a too restrictive firewall. All protocols needed to establish a media connection have failed in the network test.

To resolve this, you will need to allow access to our servers on port 443/tcp and 443/udp for the following protocols: HTTPS, WSS, SRTP and SCTP. It is a good idea to whitelist all servers with the sessionlinkpro.com domain, so maybe use a subdomain wildcard ( *.sessionlinkpro.com). However, if you need the latest list with all domains and IPs in use, please drop an email to support@sessionlinkpro.com and we are happy to provide the latest version.

Best regards

Tim | SessionLinkPRO