Topic: Random Session Disconnects

Had my first SessionLinkPro experience today. The Host was experienced. I was the guess running Protools and Chrome since this was an ADR session. SLP worked fine until it did not. I would randomly drop off the session with no warning, though the Chrome interface indicated everything was connected. I am reasonably certain I have a setting in Chrome that is not correct, but cannot locate. Solution; Zoom.  Anyone have any insight? Apple/Mac/Protools/Chrome. Hardwired. Not Wifi.


Re: Random Session Disconnects


we only see these issues in very rare cases. This could either be a problem with the energy saving settings of your Mac or it is network related.

Which macOS version do you have?

Did you have the SessionLinkPRO user interface in focus when the connection dropped or did you e.g. minize it to the dock?

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Tim | SessionLinkPRO