Topic: Session Link Pro Dropouts - Audio Only

Hi all, I've been receiving dropouts on our connections lately with Session Link Pro, using just the audio connection, no video. We're on business class internet speed and the Voice Talent we're working with is connected via Ethernet in their home studio. We have our send and his send both at 192 kbps. Is the high bitrate a potential source of the dropouts? What other factors can we adjust to prevent dropouts from happening? We just had a record that was about 2 hours in length but had a handful of dropouts. Is this to be expected as normal behavior or is there anything that we should be changing?
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Re: Session Link Pro Dropouts - Audio Only

Hi, I'm experiencing the same issue. We've been recording at 128 kbp/s, both recording local + remote. And the dropouts/glitches were pretty much constant on my side - both local recording of me and the remote recording of me. The guests side had it only a couple of times and it's not a big issue, but I'm not sure I can work with my side. Is there anything we can do to prevent this from happening?
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Re: Session Link Pro Dropouts - Audio Only

Been experiences dropouts every 10 minutes on sessions for several weeks now. Using Audio and Conferencing. My send is at 256kbps, receive is lower. Session link has been working well for the last year and suddenly it's not working at all.