Topic: Only two?

Dear Sir,

I create test account and test 3 devices (PC, Notebook, Mobile android). But I don't hear sound from android on Notebook. I disconect android a connect. Now I hear sound from androin on PC but not on Notebook. I reconect notebook and I hear sound from android on Notebook, but not on PC. It seems as limitation to two devices as maximum.

Could you help me?

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Re: Only two?


did you switch to "dual mono" mode?

To connect 2 guests it is necessary to switch to "dual mono" mode in the "Send Channel Setup" box. If both guests should hear each other, also check the "bridged" option which appears right below "dual mono". Now connect one guest as "Remote User 1" and the second guest as "Remote User 2".

You will receive "Remote User 1" on the left channel and "Remote User 2" on the right channel so there is full signal separation.

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