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tested good on WinXP 32bit and Win7 64bit

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Hi Tim. I've been trying to run a road test with a studio in Germany from here in London.

I also have Win XP 32 bit and also have a Focusrite Saffire. Mine is the firewire Pro14 model.

When connecting to the studio I could hear them perfectly but they couldnt hear me no matter what I tried.

I selected Input as "Saffire Audio". I have this set as my windows default via control panel -> audio devices - > audio tab -> Sound Playback Saffire audio, SOund recording Saffire audio.

I can hear my voice from the mic through my speakers and through my headphones but the studio still cannot hear me and the SLP Input level shows no green bar.

Do you have any ideas what else I could try to make it work?


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Hi Pete.

Didn't have the opportunity to try this particular interface... Just to make sure: you set your Saffire as input device in the SessionLinkPRO user interface?

What is your recording chain? Are you connecting your mic directly to the Focusrite or do you have any pre amps or other gear in between? Which inputs are you using (1 or 2 on the front panel or line in on the back)?

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Hi Tim,

I had to re-register for the forum as I lost my old login details. I couldn't see a "forgotten password" option to retrieve them.

Coming back to you on the thread above. My Chain is:-

Rode NT1-A --> DBX286s preamp in ->>LINE OUT (a single jack line with a cable that splits and replicates the signal on L & R) -> into BOTH LINE INPUTS on the back of the Focusrite Saffire Pro 14.

Yes - When testing I set the saffire as the input device on the SessionLink Pro interface.

Today I have run into similar problem when testing with GotoMeeting, another VOIP software setup. I can hear the Gotomeeting test audio - and I can hear my mic but the gotomeeting audio interface does not see/hear my audio input from the mic.

Perhaps its the same problem that I am facing with the Sessionlink Pro software?

Look forward to hearing your thoughts,
Best, Pete

I have emailed to you - My Current focusrite Mixer screengrab . I can record into Adobe Audition abosolutely fine with this setup.


Re: Focusrite Saffire 6 USB

Hi Pete,

please try the following: connect your preamp to the line inputs 1+2 on the FRONT of your interface and check wether you get a signal in SessionLinkPRO or GotoMeeting.

Many audio interface drivers only allow the first two inputs to be accessed by Chrome.

Does this work for you?


Tim | SessionLinkPRO

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Re: Focusrite Saffire 6 USB

Hi Tim,

Thanks so much for this advice - it certainly works now on Gotomeeting and I can now see my mic audio levels on session link pro (although I havent tried a live session with a studio on there yet)

Something I never thought of trying previously were the Saffire Front line inputs (the jack sockets in the centre of the XLR)

This solution also means I can use Audition without using ASIO mode if I want to and frees me up to use other DAWS such as Audacity
The 2 line inputs on the back of the focusrite are restricted to using ASIO mode so Audacity wasn't usable previously.

Thanks again for your quick answer. Look forward to using session link pro soon!