Topic: Video Screen Capture toggle

Hi there, I record a lot of animation vo, and deal with a lot of pickups done to animatics. Now the thing is, when we initialize the video session in scans through our devices. We are required to use USB extension cables in order to install webcams into our record booths, and the initializing process causes these webcams to malfunction, this messes up our camera feed for in studio records through zoom or teams. Because of that we need to block camera access on chrome and rely solely on screen capture. However when you only have screen capture available I can't seem to change the capture window after the first time (for example zoom meeting then the animatics during pickups). Would it be possible to re open the selection window if you reselect screen capture as your choice? It only seems to work if you switch back and forth between devices currently. This will really help as a work around for rough camera setups. Thanks.