Topic: Let the guest hear back the recording


I am trying to understand if it is possible for the guest to hear what I recorded on Pro Tools when I play it back. I tried different options but I don't seem to be able.
How can I let them hear back a recording if they ask? I would like to avoid to send them the file each time.

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Re: Let the guest hear back the recording


to be able to play back previously recorded takes you will need to fully integrate SLP with Pro Tools. There are different options depending on your existing studio setup. Please have a quick look at paragraph 7.2 of our quick start guide which explains the most important options.

If you are on macOS you can also check our setup guides on YouTube: SessionLinkPRO channel

The videos are currently only available with German voice over but we offer english subtitles. We are working on an english version!

I hope that gets you started. Come back to us if you need further assistance. In that case, please provide a little more information on your setup (e.g. operating system, audio interface(s), how does the current routing look like).

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Tim | SessionLinkPRO